New Year’s resolutions have found their way to a low shelf in the library of respect. Hardly taken seriously in many cases, their usefulness is suspect. But like so many factors in good health, even this disbelief can be addressed and overcome.

Maybe New Year’s resolutions just start on the wrong foot. Postponing improvements to our lives or lifestyles or health habits to a future date, even just a traditional starting point such as the New Year, is the first example of what’s wrong. Healthy living is something we do now, in the present moment, not something to postpone until a landmark date, no matter how traditional. On the other hand, if the custom helps, let’s use it.

Yet another point at which the tradition has its drawbacks though is that it sets up a situation in which the “resolution” can be seen as failing one day. Slips and mishaps and exceptions are part of any workout program or eating plan, and it would be a shame to stop because of a lapse or two. Or three or four. Persistence is part of success in health, and the “resolution” model may obscure that.

Continuous Awareness and Action

The attention and action we devote to our desires for a healthier life works best when it is continuous. Awareness puts us in the driver’s seat of our own well-being. It’s been called the final frontier of growing up – putting our own hands on the wheel of our life.

This awareness starts with a baseline. What is your body mass index, your blood sugar level, your blood pressure, your serum cholesterol? Knowing now and then is almost useless. Finding out, making changes, and then re-checking regularly is what being in the driver’s seat of your own well-being looks like.

Winners Have Allies

People who succeed in lifetime health have support – family support and professional support. For our professional support, we get to choose our own allies. The right choice is becoming a rare breed. We need a physician who is expertly interested in the whole person. And “whole person” means not only the whole human body, but also the attitudes and behaviors that make up our approach to life. That’s just what you’ll find at Global Family Medicine.

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