Today is the 24th annual National Senior Health & Fitness Day. This year, especially, it’s worth remembering that longevity is only part of what the day is all about.

We’ve been fortunate in the United States to see steadily rising life-expectancy for generations – although that is by no means something to take for granted, especially in view of rising rates of obesity and diabetes at ever-younger ages.\

What National Senior Health & Fitness Day is all about is how we enjoy those years we expect. Mental and emotional health are part of the subject, as well as our physical capacities to enjoy life.

The Focus is on Nutrition and Exercise

These discussions might sound like a broken record – yes, record – because nutrition and exercise are so influential in so many parts of our well-being.

Today’s older Americans are fortunate to have grown up when physical activity, often outdoors, was a greater proportion of our time than children see nowadays. This orientation is precious and we are encouraged not to give it up. It set us up for stronger bones, better circulation, and better balance way back when.

Because We’re Not Through Growing

What might be surprising, though, is that physical activity still does us good at any age, even in matters like bone strength and density. Our safety from falls, for example, continues to be enhanced as long as we carry on with sensible physical activity on a daily basis. In fact, the theme for this year’s National Senior Health & Fitness Day is “With Movement There’s Improvement.”

Another surprise might be that our brains are capable of restoring and revitalizing themselves as long as we live. Rapidly growing insights into brain chemistry and neural activity show that we need not stop expecting new interests, new capacities for imagination and insight to continue growing as long as we maintain positive activity.

Just knowing this is a step forward in our sense of well being.

Health Screenings Play a Vital Role

Awareness is key to keeping our health and fitness as we grow older. If we haven’t done so already, National Senior Health & Fitness Day serves as an excellent reminder to start – or return to – a regular routine of exams from a family physician.

The wisdom that we hope came to us with age did not bring with it the ability to monitor serum cholesterol levels, blood pressure or blood glucose, among other tail-markers for an enjoyable life. So it’s time to build or renew a relationship with a non-specialist physician, who gets to know you and has your whole perspective in mind.

It would be a privilege for us to take that role in your life. Call us at 843-815-6468.