Somewhere in between the 70% of Americans wishing to lose weight, the constant competition for our attention in the digital-mobile age, and the fact that self-image involves fulfilling lots of career and family responsibilities, breakfast too often comes last in the race. It’s easy to overlook, and if we think of it at all, it is easy to rationalize skipping it.

Unfortunately, every credible source reminds us that breakfast is important – the most important meal of the day, some say. Focus, concentration, and performance – mental and physical – depend on having fuel in the furnace at the beginning of the day. Besides, skipping breakfast just slows down the metabolism, so weight loss doesn’t hold up as a reason to pass it by.

Having a Favorite is the Second Thing

So, the first healthy thing to know about breakfast is that having one at all is the point. Having a favorite is more of a nice-to-have. In fact, we know a man who has the same thing every morning – oatmeal and an apple – just to check breakfast off the list with no fuss. Both can be enjoyable, no question, but with this kind of regularity they are more routine than cuisine. Still, the habit is defensible for three reasons. It gets breakfast done. It offers artery-cleaning oatmeal. And it puts cleansing fruit in the system to start the day.

For those with less-military concepts of mealtime, the selections available are rich, colorful, and tasty. Let’s have a look at just a few.

Brighten the Day from the Beginning

The beige breakfast mentioned above is easily surpassed for color and interest, because breakfast is one of the handiest times to build colorful fruit and vegetables into your day. A parfait of creamy yogurt layered with blueberries and strawberries makes a simple red, white, and blue revile. The antioxidants and probiotics it contains are as good news for your body as the color is for your outlook.

For pancake lovers who are willing to invest any time at all to enjoy them, here’s a healthy version – banana and almond butter pancakes – that you can make in 10 minutes flat. Click here for the recipe.

And here’s another way to get a pancake fix without overdoing it, and it’s fast, too. Get a muffin tin and spray it with that non-stick spray. Now, fill each cup two-thirds full with your favorite fast pancake batter. Top with some of those blueberries or strawberries and bake for eight or nine minutes in a 425-degree oven. Let the pan cool for a minute or two, and your pancake muffins will spill right out. Now you’ve got a breakfast that looks – and travels – like little muffins, but tastes like pancakes.

Not a bad start. And speaking of starts, let us help with setting those overall goals for your well-being that begin with breakfast. To schedule an appointment with us at Global Family Medicine, call us at 843.815.6468.