It’s natural to take stock as we close another year and open a new one. Rhythms like that have given us a framework for our lives, possibly beginning long ago when human beings depended on animal and fish migrations and crop growing seasons. Observing these mileposts is one way we find order in our lives. Maybe that’s where we got the annual custom of New Year’s Resolutions.

But the good part of customs like this gets chipped away when year after year there’s a built-in skepticism. “New Year’s Resolution,” has become almost a synonym for a flimsy idea that doesn’t hold up.

How About a Resolution We Can Believe?

What if we made awareness our new New Year’s Resolution? Instead of taking the “New Year; New You” bait, what if we resolved to become aware – and stay aware – of who we are and how we’re doing now? You are better off when you are aware. Lot’s better.

Awareness helps to put us in the driver’s seat of our own well-being. You might say it’s the final frontier in growing up – putting our own hands on the wheel of our life, and not moving along as if somebody else is driving.

Extending Awareness Throughout the Family

Of course, for parents and husbands and wives, staying aware of our own health status is not the whole story – but it’s an excellent beginning. After all, how can the family rely on us if we’re not steady in our own well-being?

So, let’s start by getting the tests that are appropriate for our age and experience. Then let’s schedule, and keep scheduling, the follow-up tests at the intervals our family physician recommends. And let’s be the one who sees that the whole family takes part, too.

Doesn’t everybody do this? Surprisingly, no. People who wouldn’t even consider driving to the supermarket without a seatbelt often go for extended periods of time without knowing their serum cholesterol levels, glucose readings, blood pressures, or even their family health histories. It’s our heritage as human beings to misjudge where our threats are really coming from. The tractor-trailer that’s passing us on the highway makes a much bigger impression than the aneurysm that might be forming in our leg.

Selecting Your Source

Fortunately, for the biggest game of your life, you get to choose your own coach. Selecting your personal physician may be one of the most important beginnings on the path of healthy lifestyle management.

The right choice is frankly a rare breed. The course of medical history has taken us through a recent world where the emphasis was on specialties, concentrations of knowledge facets of life and parts of the body.

For healthy lifestyle management, we need a physician who is vitally interested in the whole person, and a supporting practice that reflects that interest thoroughly. And “whole person” means not only the whole human body, but also the attitudes and behaviors that make up our approach to life. To give the help we need, such a physician must be interested in getting to know us more and more, to understanding more than our physical complaints and conditions.

So not only do our checkups give us the information we’re looking for in our state of awareness, but they also are occasions for conferring with our personal physician, the coach we can count on.

Make It an Action, Not Just a Resolution

Why not schedule an appointment with us at Global Family Medicine to talk about the big picture – a life that is more and more worth living because of the confidence and satisfaction you feel every day. How’s that for a New Year’s Resolution? Call us at 843-815-6468.