Living long is only part of what the day is all about when we celebrate National Senior Health & Fitness Day next week on May 29. Enjoying those years is important, too. For a quarter-century, the last Wednesday in May has been recognized as time to consider the gains we’ve made in longevity and to highlight the quality of the lives we can now look forward to at the same time.

This year’s theme – “Live and Thrive with Exercise!” – is selected to emphasize the strides in well-being that can be achieved by building even modest, but regular, exercise into our daily lives. Organizations and facilities all over the country will host events where adults can actively participate, learning and sharing ways to bring exercise to their day seamlessly.

Though age can change the way we approach our day, many of us have the advantage of having grown up when physical activity, playing outdoors, was a bigger part of our day than it is for children of the digital era. We have that to build on. Our kind of childhood set us up for stronger bones, better circulation, and better balance. Now it’s time to take steps to hold onto them.

Let’s Never Stop Growing

Those steps include keeping up our exercise as we grow older. The type of exercise may change, and the intensity, but the good news is that physical activity still does us good at any age, even in matters like bone strength and density. As a result, our safety from falls, for example, continues to be enhanced if we carry on with sensible physical activity on a daily basis.

Our brains, too, can restore and revitalize themselves as long as we live. Insights into brain chemistry and neural activity show that we can expect new interests and new capacities for imagination and insight to continue growing as long as we maintain positive mental activity.

Considering the Alternative

Rates of obesity and diabetes are rising so rapidly that they’ve been called twin epidemics. Exercise joins together with nutrition as the means of preventing and managing these conditions. And they are life-threatening. What greater motivation could we ask for?

An Ally for Awareness

The key to keeping our health and fitness as we grow older is awareness. National Senior Health & Fitness Day serves as an excellent reminder to start – or return to – a regular routine of exams from a family physician. It’s time to build or renew a relationship with a physician who gets to know you, and who has your whole perspective in mind, because although age may bring wisdom, it doesn’t bring the ability to measure blood pressure, serum cholesterol, or blood glucose.

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