Science made medicine seem a lot like magic in the times when many of us grew up. Antibiotics and vaccines virtually wiped out many of the worries parents had for their children, and it all unfolded in just a generation or two. As those lucky children grew past adulthood, though, we entered an era when our greatest health threats arise from our lifestyles. The way we live today holds the key, and the state of the art in healthcare increasingly looks less like magic and more like responsibility.

Healthy lifestyle management is one of the terms people use to describe this shift, this movement. And many see it as a sign of society’s growth and discernment – nothing less than a piece of progress on the road of civilization.

In place of the old-fashioned model of “fix me,” people see a more active role for themselves. Knowing that our own awareness, attitudes, and behaviors are critically important to a healthy life – and that we are the only people who can govern those factors day to day – this is the mindset that begins and sustains a healthy lifestyle.

The bonus of this way of living is that results are not the only payoff. Perhaps just as important is the fact that people find the process, day-to-day life itself, more enjoyable when they begin, adopt, and persist in the ways of healthy lifestyle management.

Taking an Active Part

The beginning is awareness. Knowing our blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose levels, family health histories, and how our unique body responds to nutrition and exercise – these are the “vital signs” of healthy lifestyle management. They are what responsible people keep an eye on to help head-off bad news before it takes shape.

Regular checkups are how to begin maintaining an ongoing awareness of our own well-being. Not only do our checkups give us the information we’re looking for, but also are occasions for conferring with our personal physician.

Beyond Specialties

This calls for a physician and a practice that sees our well-being more comprehensively. Selecting that personal physician may be one of the most important beginnings on the path of healthy lifestyle management. For healthy lifestyle management, we need a physician who is vitally interested in the whole person, and a supporting practice that reflects that interest thoroughly.

And “whole person” means not only the whole human body, but also the attitudes and behaviors that make up our approach to life. To give the help we need, such a physician has to be interested in getting to know us, to understanding more than our physical complaints and conditions.

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