Make Success an Everyday Part of Your Program

When you know what you’re missing, you’ll work harder not to miss it. Loving the results is one of the strongest motivations of all. That’s why the experience of even one success on your fitness path – just one – can be the breakthrough you need.

No matter what workout regimen you choose – from walking to pool aerobics to running to weight training – there is progress you can notice all along the way if you pay close attention. In fact, awareness of the body is one of the benefits.

Setting an achievable, short-term goal, such as exercising moderately four days this week, and then meeting that goal, gives you more than muscle strength. Knowing that you can do what you set out to do puts power on your side.

Feel Success

Your whole goal is likely to be long term, but don’t wait until then to enjoy it. Notice that you’re standing straighter in the checkout line and feel your stomach muscles’ embrace. Your feet feel more solidly connected to the floor and the power of the earth seems to flow up through your legs. If you pay close attention, this might be a feeling you get after days, not months, of practicing a safe and moderate regimen.

Taste Success

Many people find that losing weight may include eating more often. Having breakfast is shown to help prevent undisciplined eating later in the day. Going many hours between meals can cause blood sugar to crater, and prompt cravings for things that aren’t good for you. A well-planned snack midmorning and mid-afternoon can be a step toward lower numbers on the scale.

More occasions and wiser choices go together in planning a diet that supports your fitness initiatives. And don’t be too concerned if you feel hungrier at first. Be satisfied, be happy, and your appetite will adjust.

Share Success

For many people, a walking buddy or a gym buddy helps make sure we keep our commitments. Others prefer the quiet and concentration of exercising solo. Whatever your preference, find a way to share the joy of what you’re doing. Meet a friend after the gym or after that walk. You might be surprised how your outlook is sunnier, your ideas more creative, your conversation more engaging. Your friends or family can share that glow and enjoy the difference you are creating in your life.

 Celebrate Success

Wear that dress or sport coat you’ve been avoiding, now that you’re happier with your look. Maybe add a new hairstyle. Becoming a source of shared inspiration among your friends and associates will help keep you confirmed in your commitment. Yes, you can plan to feel good when you follow through on fitness. You may well find that sharing that feeling becomes a natural part of your program.

Finally, remember that before beginning any diet or exercise program, check with your physician. If you don’t have a family doctor to turn to, then we can help. We’ll help you select the right path for you and make sure you’re prepared to enjoy it safely. To schedule an appointment with us at Global Family Medicine, call us at 843-815-6468. And if you need medical attention right away, Global Urgent Care is open every day of the week.