Sure, it’s a blessing to enjoy good health. In fact, we hear the old-timers say that it’s the most important thing. We listen patiently during our busy young lives. And then one day we wake up and know that they were right. If we’re fortunate enough to have that health when we learn this, so much the better. If we are called on to take steps to improve it, well, at least we got the chance to do so.

At the holiday season, though, we are surrounded by reminders that our own good health is only part of our well-being. The health of our loved ones has everything to do with our happiness, too.

Because your own health, and the ways you go about maintaining it, can help shape the way of life your children enjoy, or your spouse, or even your friends and loved ones, the holiday season is a perfect time to consider that demonstrating healthy ways – and the results that come from them – is perhaps one of the greatest gifts we can offer our loved ones.

Setting the Table and Setting an Example

If those celebratory holiday meals come from your own kitchen, then the influence you could have on the whole family’s health – not just now, but for life – is very great indeed. Those holiday meals not only set the tone for the celebration, but they show loved ones your insights and priorities about eating for health. This is much more important than it might seem, because so much of what we think about food comes from tradition, not nutrition. So as the family’s host or hostess, you have a lot to say about what those traditions become.

Moving for the Health of the Family

Showing your family that exercise is a part of everyday life, even during holiday celebrations, can create lasting memories that support the health of your loved ones for the rest of their lives. A friend distinctly remembers his dad bundling up and going out for a walk, while the rest of the family dozed into a turkey-and-mulled-wine stupor that seemed to end their day while there were hours left to enjoy. A family run or walk can become just as much a thing to look forward to as any televised football “bowl game.”

Health and Safety Hand-In-Hand

It’s easy to overlook in all the hustle and bustle, but good health in the holiday season means traveling safely, too. Traveling to the homes of friends and family, shopping and delivering gifts, venturing to the towns and cities of far-flung family members is such a normal part of the holiday scene, that we might overlook the risks involved. Even more often, we might allow the holidays to distract us from safe driving, or even to compromise on keeping alcohol and automobiles separate.

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