New Year’s resolutions are a custom that brings with it a real paradox. So many people observe or practice it, and yet most people are skeptical of whether they do any good. Like a promise that’s “made to be broken,” New Year’s resolutions have been said to sit on a very low shelf in the library of our culture.

Why such a lack of respect for New Year’s resolutions, even from people who continue to make them? Disappointment, and yes, just a twinge of self-blame, come when our best intentions prove to be temporary. And speaking of the time element, maybe that is one key for turning New Year’s resolutions around and making them effective.

Having a time when nearly everybody at least thinks about self-improvement – New Year’s – is a useful start. But built into making it a special time is the very sabotage that threatens the resolutions. Changing for the better is not something to assign to a future date. It is something that we do – and renew – every day.

Remaining Conscious

What if we made awareness a New Year’s resolution? What if we put staying awake to our own goals and desires ahead of our routine? What if we resolved to become aware – and stay aware – of who we are and how we’re doing now? In every way, physically, emotionally, and in our relationships, we are better off when we are aware. This puts us in the driver’s seat of our own well-being. You might say it’s the final frontier in growing up – putting our own hands on the wheel of our life, and not moving along as if somebody else is driving.

The attention and action we devote to our desires for a healthier life work best when they are continuous. It helps to have a partner, or even better, a mentor. People who succeed in lifetime health have support – family support and professional support. For our professional support, we get to choose our own allies.

Not Going It Alone

The right choice of professional allies – a general practitioner or family physician – is becoming a rare breed in an era of specialists. We need a physician who is expertly interested in the whole person. And “whole person” means not only the whole human body, but also the attitudes and behaviors that make up our approach to life. That’s just what you’ll find at Global Family Medicine.

Of course, for parents and husbands and wives, staying aware of our own health status is not the whole story – but it’s an excellent beginning. After all, how can the family rely on us if we’re not steady in our own well-being? So, let’s start by getting the tests that are appropriate for our age and experience. Then let’s schedule, and keep scheduling, the follow-up tests at the intervals our family physician recommends. And let’s be the one who sees that the whole family takes part too.

Why not schedule an appointment with us at Global Family Medicine to talk about the big picture – a life that is more and more worth living because of the confidence and satisfaction you feel every day. How’s that for a New Year’s Resolution? Call us at 843-815-6468 to get started.