We’re in the middle of a week – Healthy Weight Week – that highlights the importance of finding and maintaining the body weight that’s right for you. Thinking has evolved way past mindless weight loss and unrealistic body images. In fact, being preoccupied with weight is one of the ills that healthy weight loss endeavors to bring attention to, and to overcome. We focus instead on discovering the weight that’s right for your body and your life, on helping you achieve that weight, and supporting you as you maintain it.

It’s a more easy-going approach to a problem that admittedly comes with urgency built in. Obesity is near epidemic proportions and it threatens people at younger and younger ages. Being overweight puts people at significantly higher risk for at least three of the top 10 causes of premature death, including heart attack, stroke, and diabetes.

More than 40% of U.S. adults over age 20 weigh-in as obese, and more than 70% qualify as overweight, so weight problems have become a sweeping national characteristic.

Our preoccupation with weight and body image is bringing yet another killer in through the back door though. More than 30 million people in the U.S. suffer from eating disorders that include anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating disorder, among others. And eating disorders have been called the deadliest behavioral disorder of all.

Perhaps the saddest part of the story is that this fact is so little known. These deadly disorders can be prevented, and they can be prevented from getting worse once they develop.

15 Ways to Celebrate

Several simple steps comprise a list of how to celebrate Healthy Weight Week, prepared by UnityPoint Health. The best idea of all is not on the list – that’s to keep these simple measures going, until they’re just a way of life. None of them is hard. The list includes drinking plenty of water, moving more, sleeping six to eight hours, taking the stairs when you can, breathing to reduce stress, keeping track toward a goal, and even snacking. Yes, snacking on healthy foods makes the list, because eating a little throughout the day helps prevent blood sugar spikes that may otherwise hit the binge signal for many of us.

Your Family Physician – Again Your Best Guide

Because finding our own best weight is the beginning, a family physician may be your best guide on the path. To schedule an appointment with us at Global Family Medicine, call us at 843-815-6468.